The No. 1 Secret To More Sales

Once you’ve introduced yourself, do you transform into a living, breathing company brochure of every product, service, feature and benefit you can offer, stopping only long enough to catch your breath?

And after what seems to be an eternity to your prospect, do you close with “so, what do you think?

This is a “presenters” process and not that of a closer.   If you rely heavily on your personality and vast knowledge of company offerings to close sales, you will probably hear more “I’ll let you know” or “I’m gonna shop around” than you would like.

Recent studies show that 72% of consumers research their needs, options and possible solutions before they ever pick up the phone.  Chances are good they may know more about your company and products than you do. What they really want is someone to solve their problem.  They know what it is… do you?

A closer uses a proven methodology to move from the introduction, into the qualifying stage, into needs discovery, they present, handle objections to create opportunities to close, and close. They’re prepared, and get many “little Yeses” along the way with great “tie down questions” to create a predictable close outcome.

As much as you love your company products and services, Keep all facts and figures in your back pocket until and if you need them.  Most customers don’t care about that stuff.  If they do, they’ll tell you.