Focus On The Windshield And Not The Rear View Mirror

It was 1978, I was working two jobs, delivering the morning paper to about 175 neighbors, and after school and weekends at a local bowling alley.

By the time I was 16, I had saved enough money to buy a great car, a 1971 Chevy Camaro 350 SS with brown metallic paint, four on the floor, and the best Radio Shack 8-track player I could afford. The problem was that beautiful car was it was sitting in my garage instead of on the road.

It ran perfectly and it laid down some serious “rubber” in the driveway (much to my parents disapproval). The problem was, I didn’t have a license and the only way I was going to get behind the wheel of that car, was to take some lessons, practice, and finally pass the road test.  Once I did, I loved that car until it finally gave out many years later.

I’m Rich Pappas, founder of The Closers Voice – thanks for stopping by today.

This training came about really out of necessity.  I had just wrapped up a long career as the owner of a successful photography studio in Northeast Ohio and was looking for what to do next. Naturally I thought sales would be a great way to try something new.

Much to my surprise, it wasn’t so easy, and turns out a career in sales was was a lot like getting that drivers license. To be successful I had to know the rules – how the process worked, practice to get good at it, and finally pass the test – in this case, close more sales.

And it wasn’t easy, I plowed through books, tapes, dvd’s and attended seminars.  I had so much information in my head, it was spinning and I didn’t know how to use it all.

That’s when I knew I had to come up with an easy way to put everything in order if I was ever going to be any good at it.  Once I did, things started to click and I began closing more sales and earning better commissions.  It didn’t take long for my colleagues to notice and they wanted to know what I was doing.

When I explained the dozens of books I read and the hundreds of hours I put into to learning… they were turned off, they had no interest in doing the same.  Thats when I explained how I took everything I learned and broke it down into short, easy to use steps,  and I was using them on my sales stops.  Now I had their attention and they wanted to know more.

I’ve created a series of easy to use podcasts that are just a few minutes each that you can listen to anywhere you have a web connection on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.  If you have a few minutes a day while you commute to and from work, between appointments, or unplanned downtime, you can listen in and learn something new.  And the best part is  you can use what you’ve learned right away, putting into your existing presentation.