The 4 Questions You Can’t Ignore

Nothing affects your numbers, and your career as a successful salesperson more than the answers to four decisive questions. Your charming personality, product features and benefits, and amazing deals are valueless if your presentation fails to ask, and uncover the answers early in your presentation. A sales closer has mastered the ability to find out:


  1. Does the buyer have a significant problem or opportunity your solution (product or service) addresses?  If there is no compelling need… There is no sale!
  2. Does the buyer “own” the problem?  Can they take action and feel responsible to solve the problem or need, and do they have the power to deal with it? (say yes and pay).  No responsibility… No sale!
  3. Does the buyer have a strong dissatisfaction with previous attempts or current offerings to solve their problem? No dissatisfaction… No sale!
  4. Does the buyer trust that you are the best person to solve the problem?  No trust… No sale!

The challenge many salespeople face is taking the time to learn it and practice it so you own it.  Once that happens, getting the answers to these four questions within your presentation will help you close qualified opportunities and minimize time spent on those who are not.

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