Is marketing data an expense, an investment, or something more entirely? The answer to this question will depend on who you ask. The best marketers are always looking to improve the relevancy of their messages, and to increase the delivery, response and overall impact of their marketing communications.

 The best data is rarely the cheapest data, but an investment in quality data ends up saving marketers money in the long run.Increasingly, today’s marketers are facing customers with growing expectations for personalized and seamless brand experiences and competitors who are adopting more impactful multi-channel engagement strategies. There is a growing imperative for brands to adopt a more rigorous approach that views customers from a holistic, data-driven perspective.

Whether you are a startup company needing to quickly capture revenue and market share, or an established brand attempting to mitigate costly customer churn, successful acquisition strategies are critical to your long-term success. In the long-run, acquisition strategies that focus on long-term customer value outperform the low-cost, high-volume “cast a fishnet” approach.

Rich Pappas Data Services™ provides custom, data-driven solutions that optimize new customer acquisition, including prospect list optimization, advanced segmentation strategies, cloning models, and trigger marketing programs for direct response, print, email, and social engagement with prospects.

If a customer relationship is to grow to its fullest potential, it must be carefully nurtured through a process that builds brand equity, trust and meaningful engagement. We support your customer growth through a variety of custom solutions. Life stage trigger marketing programs identify when customers are likely to purchase particular products and services. Predictive models identify customer responsiveness, spending thresholds, and shopping frequency.

Taking customers from the unknown to the known and engaging the right customers with the right message at the right time begins with now.  Contact us to request a complimentary analysis of your marketing goals and how we can help.