The Closers Voice is a powerful business-building tool that connects your team members to new opportunities to grow revenue and income. With The Closers Voice, you will grow revenue and enhance customer experience as associates learn to better recognize clients’ needs, capitalize on opportunities to upsell and realize larger commissions. The Closers Voice is your connection to marketplace differentiation, higher employee engagement and a stronger brand.

Here’s how it works

The Closers Voice is an self-directed, podcast-based learning platform that delivers proven, company-specific best practices and principles in snappy, 7-minute episodes. It delivers team members compelling and performance-enhancing content, accessible through any web-connected smartphone, tablet computer, laptop or PC. Just about anytime they want, and anywhere they are, the roadmap to higher performance and greater earnings is in their hands.

The Closers Voice program is designed to fit into your team members’ existing daily routines:

  • During the commute to and from work
  • While driving from one appointment to the next
  • Even during work itself – team members can grow sales skills and revenue during lunch breaks or unplanned downtime!

Idle time becomes productive time. Wasted opportunities become earning opportunities.

Team members will learn at their own pace, mastering the easy-to-follow modules, anytime-anywhere. Printed collateral material will reinforce learning outcomes and serve as on-the-job reference material and reminder prompts. Users will refresh their sales skills and reignite their passion by revisiting any topic, in any order, on demand and on their own schedules.

The Closers Voice inspires your entire enterprise to:

  • Better understand company standards and best practices
  • Helps develop “learning capabilities” in order to do their job well
  • Engage in a high performance culture with increased speed and productivity
  • Achieve superior objection-handling
  • Recognize buying signals and add-on sales opportunities
  • Eliminate over-discounting while reducing no-sales.

For managers. The Closers Voice:

  • Create autonomy allows users to choose what they want to learn and when
  • Users tend to make better use of short, bite-sized pieces of content
  • Defines and clarifies expectations, objectives and pathways to individual success
  • Empowering and incentivizing sales force to perform at higher levels
  • Enabling growth of commissions and bonuses tied to revenue
  • Energizing team performance, morale and earnings

For  sales force and service technicians. They’ll achieve:

  • Greater earnings potential
  • Improved confidence and closing ability
  • Better presentation
  • Transferable career-building skills
  • A more enjoyable and fulfilling careerGive it a try.  There’s no cost or obligation to see if The Closers Voice is right for you.  CLICK HERE to begin or HERE to contact Customer Service.