Are You Listening?

Over the last several years, companies have struggled with a consistent issue… a shortage of qualified leads for the sales team.  There’s certainly a lot of demand for lead generation activities.  Campaigns are launched but often times they just don’t product the leads they were hoping for.

Usually it’s not a shortage of quantity, but sometimes the the quality of those leads.  What I mean by quality is that the message of the lead generation activities (print, radio, TV, digital) are not necessarily aligned at some point with the targeted audience and the salespersons presentation.

We try to help identify what are the different levels of buyers, and what are the proper messages to target these buyers with, which would result in a higher qualified lead.  We use a process known as The Voice of the Consumer Research to speak with past and present customers, along with buyers who purchased elsewhere- to build this report- and two overwhelming discoveries were made time and time again.

  1. The company advertising message was not on point, with a well defined purpose with the ideal customer in mind.
  2. A significant misalignment of the company advertised message; which was different than that of the salesperson’s presentation.

For example, If your advertised message is a discount, price break, or free service, and your salesperson’s presentation revolves around quality, benefits and competitive differences, that is a misalignment which can affect the quality of the lead. The lead was expecting one thing, and the salesperson is attempting to deliver something else.

Not only was the advertised message and the salespersons message a mismatch, the sales presentation given was not aligned with what the decision maker cared most about.

What they cared most about:

  1. The trustworthiness of the salesperson and the company.
  2. The salesperson’s desire and ability to understand and solve their problems.
  3. A sales presentation that aligned with what matters most to the buyer/decision maker.

Aligning your advertised message with your sales team message, directed to specific needs and desires of the buyer/decision maker is a major key to improved closes and revenue building.