Napoleon Hill Was Right

Napoleon Hill, one of America’s foremost success and motivation authors once said ” Rending more service than for which you are paid, by going the extra mile, sooner or later, will reap it’s rewards.”

So what does that have to do with your sales career and why should you care?  In this case, your “going the extra mile” is taking the initiative to learn to be better at sales.

That means investing (not spending) time learning how to improve your mindset and your process to master the art of closing the sale.

A struggling salesperson complains about bad leads, their route or economy however rarely admits their efforts and closing skills may be lacking.  I once had a sales manager prove this painful point to me when I brought these same complaints to him.

I was convinced that if I had the “good route” with plenty of McMansions and rich people, that I too would have a record setting day.  Truth was, it didn’t happened.

It was clear that the “good route” was handled by a great closer and I had work to do.  From that day forward I dedicated myself to learning and mastering the art of selling. I went the extra mile on my time because I knew that I would eventually reap it’s rewards.

So if your considering changing jobs because you need more money, have a bad route, or don’t get paid enough, your “new” job may be right where you are.