The Reports of DM Death are Greatly Exaggerated

Media advertising isn’t going away, but “interruption” marketing is losing relevance and effectiveness in driving business. One way around that is“to get in front of people” so they can’t avoid, or don’t want to avoid, your message. Direct marketing can be immersive and personally engaging, when well thought out strategies are implemented.

Thanks to better data, improved modeling, programmatic targeting, and personalization technologies, we’re getting relevant messages to people in a channel that’s hard to avoid. Direct mail also engages on a level digital and mass media can’t — interacting with mail is a physical experience.

According to a recent study, 77% of households pay attention to DM and over half report they read their mail. DM also strongly influences purchase decisions, with response rates significantly higher than digital channels’ rates.

We’re also seeing clients who have historically avoided marketing through the mail, including app marketers and businesses targeting Millennials. In some cases, direct mail has become a dominant channel for driving leads. What’s old is new. In a post advertising world, more marketers are turning to the post office for business growth.

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